【2-Way Audio & Dual Antenna Enhanced】Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System, WiFi Video Surveillance, Home Security Cameras NVR

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About this item

  • 【Dual Antenna Enhanced】
    Upgrade your security experience with our outdoor wireless security camera system. Featuring an enhanced dual-antenna design, it offers 40% stronger wireless signal transmission up to 150 feet. The wireless camera for home security equipped with a 5-megapixel Super CMOS sensor and multi-layer optical coated lens, it delivers stunning 1944P resolution. Enjoy smooth, crystal-clear video quality for reliable, high-definition monitoring.
  • 【2-Way Audio】
    The wireless home security cameras are equipped with advanced noise-canceling microphones and speakers, ensuring clear communication with the camera. This allows you to stay in touch with your family while you're away. Through real-time audio communication, it brings the warmth and security of home to you, no matter where you are.
  • 【130° Wide-angle Lens】
    Our outdoor wireless security camera system features a 130° wide-angle lens, allowing for simultaneous recording and capturing, ensuring clear surveillance of every corner. It is ideal for thorough inspections in specific locations. Equipped with a multi-layer optical wide-angle lens, it provides approximately 130° of wide coverage, minimizing blind spots in the monitored area.
  • 【90ft Night Vision】
    Our outdoor security camera system offers reliable day and night monitoring. Each camera features 18 hidden infrared LED within a black cover. These LEDs automatically activate at night, providing powerful infrared surveillance up to 90 feet. Even in the darkness of night, the outdoor camera keeps you informed about events in the monitored area.
  • 【No Monthly Fee App】
    Download free "HonestView" app from the App Store to remotely watch the videos on your smartphone (iOS & Android), PCs, or tablets. This wireless camera system provides a convenient and cost-effective home security solution. It is also ideal for businesses in need of a security camera system. The home camera system wireless is easy to set up and offers reliable surveillance. Additionally, it is compatible with the "sistema de camaras de seguridad para casa" as well.

WEILAILIFE Wireless Security Camera System for Complete Surveillance

The WEILAILIFE wireless security camera system provides complete surveillance solutions for home and business use. With advanced features and technology, this system ensures maximum security and protection. Some of the key features of this system include:

Advanced H.265 Video Compression Technology

Advanced H.265 Video Compression Technology - Store More Video and Pictures This home video surveillance system features advanced H.265 video compression technology that enables the system to store more videos and pictures without compromising on quality. With this technology, you can be sure not to miss any important moments.

Two-way Audio

Two-way Audio - Fluent and Clear Communication The wifi security camera system comes with an advanced microphone and speaker that allows for two-way audio communication. The system features anti-noise technology that ensures fluent and clear communication between the app and the cameras.

Non -Stop Recording

Non-Stop Recording - Always Keep an Eye on Your Property This security system wireless is easy to set up. Simply connect the NVR and cameras with a power adapter, and connect a PC/TV monitor to NVR with a VGA/HDMI cable. Once connected to the router Lan port, you can remotely view the video on your phone and never miss a moment.

WEILAILIFE Wireless Security Camera System for Complete Surveillance

1. High-Definition Video Quality
The system includes 5MP HD wireless cameras with weatherproof and waterproof features, ensuring clear and high-quality video footage in any weather condition.
2. Easy Setup and Monitoring
The system is easy to set up and monitor, with WiFi connectivity and support for smartphone, laptop, and computer viewing.
3. Multiple Camera Support
Supporting up to 10 cameras, this system can be expanded with extensible cameras available in our store.
4. Audio and Video Monitoring
The system includes audio and video monitoring, allowing for two-way communication and remote monitoring.
5. Wide Range of Applications
This system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be used for home security, business surveillance, and other applications.
Invest in the WEILAILIFE wireless security camera system for complete surveillance and peace of mind.

Dual-antenna video transmission distance extended by 55%

Dual-Antenna Video Transmission Distance Extended by 55% - Strong Signal, High Quality Connection Equipped with 5DB dual-antenna, this wireless home security camera system provides a strong signal and high-quality connection. The system offers a Wi-Fi range of up to 150FT in open space without obstacles, ensuring you get a clear view of your property.

Multiple Camera Support

Supporting up to 10 cameras, this system can be expanded with extensible cameras available in our store.

1)Wireless camera system
Wireless camera system are not battery or solar powered-Each camera, with a 10ft power supply, please plug into a power outlet nearby for 24/7 surveillance purpose.
2)Wireless video security camera system
The system can watch live video, record video and playback without any internet, if you want to watch video remotely on smartphone, laptop, computer, please connect the security system to the network.
3)10 channel camera system
Support 10 cameras work together, you can buy extensible camera in our store.
4)Please prepare a monitor with HDMI or VGA cable to view the IPC camera(this system does not include HDMI or VGA cable)
5)IP66 fully weatherproof camera perfect use indoor and outdoor.

AI Motion detection +Email alert

AI Motion Detection + Email Alert - Customizable Security Responses The 8 channel wireless security camera system allows you to customize the motion detection area, sensitivity, time, and area. Once a camera detects movement, it can activate multiple security responses, including turning on the alarm, sending an alert and picture to your email box, communicating information to the app, and triggering a recording.

IP66 Waterproof

IP66 Waterproof IP66 Waterproof - Built to Withstand Rough Weather This outdoor wireless security camera system comes with an IP66 waterproof grade, which means the cameras are strong enough to withstand rough weather conditions. The system is also vandal-resistant and can work in temperatures ranging from -4°F--113°F (-20℃-45℃).

Wireless and Wired Transmission

Wireless and Wired Transmission - Flexible Connectivity The security system with audio and video supports both wireless and wired transmission modes, giving you the flexibility to choose the best connection type for your needs. Please note that this camera system for home wireless does not support PoE function.

Audio and Video Monitoring

2-way Audio and Video Monitoring

Two-way Audio - Fluent and Clear Communication The wifi security camera system comes with an advanced microphone and speaker that allows for two-way audio communication. The system features anti-noise technology that ensures fluent and clear communication between the app and the cameras.

What's in the box

  • 5MP 2-Way Audio Wireless Security Camera * 8
  • 10CH 5.0MP NVR * 1
  • 10FT Cable Power Supply for Camera * 8
  • 3FT Cable Power Supply for NVR * 1
  • Antenna for Camera * 16

Customer Questions & Answers

Question:Can all the 4 cameras be on stand by mode to pick motion? Some system only 1 camera at a time can use motion sensing.

Question:Are the cameras 5 mp or 3 mp? there's a customer review that says the cameras are only 3 mp. please clarify.
Answer:The camera is indeed 5mp with 4:3 resolution at 2560*1920. Camera should have 5MP at 3200-x1800 re
However, the NVR only record at 15fps and camera does not allow to pump to higher resolution or frame rate even with different NVR

Question:Can the camera power cables be extended longer than 10 feet ?
Answer:I have some of my cameras on 50 foot and 75 foot extensions which work fine. However when I put one camera on a 130 foot extension it powered up but couldn't make contact with the receiver. I ran an extension cord out to the camera and plugged the camera directly into the provided power supply with 10 foot cord and it then worked fine. So apparently there is a limit at some point beyond 75 feet where the provided power supply won'y be able to adequately power the camera.

Question:can i hook up monitor without registration or downloading anything? Can it work without internet?
Thanks for your question.
You don't have to register or download anything hooking up monitor; you could view setup demo video on product page. System works without internet, but you can't view cameras remotely via phone or PC, or use Email notice function.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us, we will respond as expeditious as possible.

Question:What size is the plug connections for camera
Answer:Thanks for your question.
The inner diameter is 2.1mm
The outer diameter is 5.1mm

Question:Do you have a part #, or website to purchase additional 5.0MP wireless cameras?
Answer:Wish i did but so far thats exactly what seems to be missing are the additional same 5.0 mp cameras to add to the system youd think obviously if u wanted to make some sales u would answer all questions and make the extra cameras available i dont get it i woukd buy four more and so would my brother but oh well

Question:Can you plug each separate camera located in separate rooms into a wall outlet?
Answer:Yes, you may run into signal strength issues but you can plug the cams in any outlet

Warranty & Customer Service

Email: info@weilailifetech.com( reply within 24 hours).

Phone :+1(904)717-0799 (Eastern time Monday to Friday:9:00am - 5:00pm).

Warranty for 1 year from Date of Purchase

【2-Way Audio & Dual Antenna Enhanced】Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System, WiFi Video Surveillance, Home Security Cameras NVR

Customer Reviews

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Smart is the best company

If you wanna be happy make people like your house makesure you order on Smart

Very easy setup. Great picture.

I wish it had come with more extensive user manual for capabilities and features but set up was simple plug and play, picture is clear and sound is great.

Great picture

Great picture, easy to install. Easy to use once you get the hang of it. Very helpful support desk

False alarms/not 10 channel

Constant false alarms, even with human recognition only set. IR lights attract insects which the spiders have figured out and have built webs all around the cameras. A mosquito sets off motion detection but a dog or human will only activate it sometimes.Advertised as being 10 channel with 8 cameras, False, only 8 channels w/8 cameras.Repeater function to extend camera range does not work. Neither does the external antenna.Ended up moving DVR to a different location and changing channel frequency and was able to eliminate dropped signals.Need to connect to a TV/monitor via a hdmi cable in order to setup. Only limited functions from phone app. I ended up buying a 25' hdmi cable and usb cable for mouse in order to hook it up to a TV in another room since I had to mount the DVR high up and in another room to get a good signal. You really only need to do this at initial setup and to make adjustments as needed.For the price, this system is ok. Easy to setup. You'll definitely need to order longer power cords for most of the cameras. If you don't disable the motion notifications, which can only be done on a TV, you will get an alert on your phone every 5 minutes when insects fly by or a shadow moves. I had to turn some of the cameras security lights off because they were constantly coming on for no reason.

Clear and easy to install

Cannot coment. Not fitted at the moment but did a quick basic connect ion. and looks good especially for the price.

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