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9 Channel CCTV Power Supply Port Box, 12V 5A DC Distributed Power Supply Box, AC Plug Cord and Key Lock, Output AC to DC

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About This Item

Stable Input and Output
Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz. Maximum Total Output: DC 12V. Maximum per Port: 0.55A. Power Current: 5A. The 9 ports design allows the distributed power supply box to simultaneously provide balanced and stable power to all cameras. Each port has an individual LED light indicating the power switch.

Commercial-Grade Quality
With its reliable metal materials and carefully crafted casing, the camera power supply box offers a lightweight, compact, and professional appearance. Its reinforced structure ensures durability and longevity, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Independent PTC Fuses
Each channel is equipped with a separate PTC fuse, providing protection not only to the panel but also to the connected devices. With its insulation feature and high electrical strength, CCTV power distribution box can easily handle short circuits and overloads. Even if one camera malfunctions, the remaining cameras can still operate.

Wide Range of Applications
This 12V CCTV power supply is suitable for almost all DC 12V devices, including CCTV cameras, security systems, microphones, certain digital video recorders, LED light strips, and more. CCTV distributed power supply box serves as a professional alternative to individual power adapters and is perfect for daily use.

Easy Installation
Unlike other power supply boxes, our installation holes are not covered by the fuse board, which are clearly visible, eliminating the need to remove the fuse board for installation. Simple installation allows for a neater and more stable performance of your surveillance system compared to before.

WEILAILIFE provides a wide selection of power supplies to fulfill your need
  • Our cctv power supply 18 is built with sturdy components to reliably power your lighting or security equipment.
  • This 12v dc cctv distributed power supply box is your first choice for power solution in CCTV surveillance system.
  • The dc power box is easy to install with apparent access holes for screws, and there's an on/off light on the shell to tell whether the power is on or off.
  • Installation is a piece of cake. Most holes to mount the enclosure in other power supply boxes 12v are covered by the fuse board. You need to remove the fuse board to mount the box correctly. But our power supply for cctv is not, you will see the mounting holes clearly as soon as you open the box.
  • The casing is sturdy, smooth and well made. The cover is equipped with a key lock that can prevent unauthorized access. Your security system will look much neater and have more stable performance than before.
Package List
  • 1 × Power Supply Box
  • 1 ×AC Power Cord
  • 2 ×Key Lock
  • 1 ×instruction
  • The power distribution system can provide multiple outputs. Individual PTC reset meter fuses on the channel board protect the device from overloads or short circuits.
  • The output voltage is adjustable to withstand voltage drop after long distance transmission.
  • The cctv+power+supply is your first choice for power solution in CCTV system.
Secure Access with Lock & Key

Each box comes with a built-in lock cylinder and key for secure and easy access. The all-metal construction prevents unwanted visitors from accessing and disabling your power supply.

Separately Fused for Ultimate Reliance

All our power supplies are separately fused at 0.55 AMP for each port. This allows for easy troubleshooting of possible short circuits in electrical work. Also, if a device on the power supply fails, all other ports are unaffected.

Suitable for Most 12V Devices

Due to the widespread use of 12V power supplies, our cctv power supply boxes can power multiple 12V devices, eliminating the need for additional adapters in your life. Applications include security cameras, LED lights, routers, motors and more!


Package Includes

1 × Power Supply Box

1 ×AC Power Cord

2 ×Key Lock

1 ×instruction

Customer Questions & Answers

Question:can it be installed inside a closet?
Answer:Dear customer, sure the port box will work fine in the closet, it will not get hot (maybe a little warm) when working. Good day.

Question:Is this only for cctv cameras?
Answer:Dear customer, our distributed power supply not only fits camera system, but also your electric equipments, led light , router and so on. As long as the voltage and amper range match with the box. Good day.

Question:Can this Power Box be used outside the house?
Answer:Dear customer, you may apply it to some wall that wihtout direct sun or rain drops, since the Port box is not waterproof and there are lots of electric cables during your use, for your and your equipment safety, we suggest you to install it indoors.

Question:Does this power supply have reverse current protection?
Answer:Dear customer, reverse voltages are controlled by internal protections. You won't have to worry about this problem. Good day.

Question:How many amp is each port? I want to install 1 amp camera.
Answer:Dear customer , as for 12V 5A power supply box, Maxim for each port is 0.55A. Supply Current: 5A. Good day.

Question:Can i use the power port box for LED light stips?
Answer:Dear customer, sure you can use the power supply for led strips, as long as the voltage limits match, you will be fine. Good day.

Warranty & Customer Service

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Warranty for 1 year from Date of Purchase

9 Channel CCTV Power Supply Port Box, 12V 5A DC Distributed Power Supply Box, AC Plug Cord and Key Lock, Output AC to DC
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