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Security Camera Outdoor, Pan Tilt Wireless 3MP Home WiFi IP Cameras, Ultra HD Dome Video Surveillance Waterproof POE Camera, Two-Way Audio

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Product Description

The 355° horizontal & 120° vertical rotation range will provide you a broad view with less blind area. You can monitor on App anytime, anywhere. The camera supports AI tracking which will keep following the target until it is out of view, and it will restore to the default position later. When a movement or sound is detected, camera will send notification to your phone immediately. All functions above can be customized on APP, DIY your own guard for now!

The floodlight can be set to turn on when a moving object is detected at night, the image is with vivid color, you can use the spotlight as a porch light to deter intruders. In other cases, it will automatically switch to infrared mode and the image is displayed in black and white, the night vision range is up to 65ft. You will see crystal clear and sharp video clip 24/7.

The camera is equipped with leading AI (artificial intelligence) technology to control and reduce false alarms. Your wireless security cam will detect and capture human movements steadily, never be bothered by small animals, cars passing by or falling leaves.

WEILAILIFE cameras adopted 3.0 Megapixels color sensor , with this powerful configuration, you will see every detail clearly just like watching through your bare eyes. The built in high-quality speakers and microphones support you to hear and talk to your family, guests or couriers. It is also a smart way to scare off intruders.

This camera and App are easy to install, simple to control and a breeze to maintain. It supports poe technology. Not only can be connected to a wireless NVR, but also to a poe NVR. The camera is robust, solid and weatherproof, it can withstand heat, heavy rain and snow. It is a great choice for outdoor security monitoring. You can customize your best security guard!


  • WEILAILIFE camera is a fully featured, easy to use pan tilt wireless monitor.
  • It is perfect for protecting your home, store, apartment, gives you peace of mind no matter where you are.
  • 24/7 continuous recording and event recording.
  • After inserting TF card (not included), you can set continuous recording on App.
  • Then the video will be stored on local storage, which can be played back at any time without missing important details.
  • Super sharp live video Day & Night
  • Real-time two-way communication
  • Instant AI detection alert
  • Replay recorded videos
Smartest AI Humanoid Detection
  • You can safely install it in front door of your house.The camera is equipped with leading AI (Artificial intelligence) technology.
  • The wireless security camera only detect human motion, alert you when it truly matters. Never be bothered by birds, dogs, cats or falling leaves.With most advanced AI humanoid detection.
Ultra HD

The HD wifi camera adopt 3.0mp color sensor,strive for more perfect and clearer images based on powerful configuration.
Let you see the every details of the monitoring clearly regardless of weather conditions.

IP-65 Weatherproof

The IP-65 is noted for devices that have tested as virtually airtight against dust, moisture, etc.And they are able to endure wind, rain, and other extreme conditions.
It excellent build quality is part of what assures long term reliability of our system which stand at the forefront of consumer security solutions.

Two-way Audio

Integrated microphone and speaker for clear two-way audio calls.
Not only can you see and hear what's happening at home, but you can have a smooth conversation anytime, anywhere.
Never miss a moment, even when they are not there.

Pan Tilt WIFI Camera Outdoor

Wifi camera turn its head 355° &120° Pan/tilt, which provide you a much broader and flexible view of cameras for home security.

Multi-User Access

Select Sharing management to enter the sharing settings and invite others to watch. The person being shared needs to download the APP, register an account and log in to view.

Support TF Card

External TF card slot, easy and convenient to insert. Support up to 128GB Micro SD card (Please note:Not included in the package).

Package Includes

3MP Home WiFi IP Cameras x1

Customer Questions & Answers

Question:what operating app does this camera ise?
Answer:We recommend using Eseecloud,Download in the APP Store

Question:This the pastor need some help if you can. i have a samsung tablet an a azpen tablet an i use google store to get my downloads can you tell me what ap
Answer:The dome camera only supports Eseecloud

Question:How to mount this camera on outside wall as bottom two screws are not reachable with screwdriver? Also, the wires cannot be run under the mount plate.
Answer:You're absolutely correct, I can't use the 2 bottom screws, I think you could, if and only you can some how remove the plastic dome housing. I was able to just use the upper two screws; however, I have to use the longer screws just to hold the camera securely! Also, you can't run wire under the mounting plate either! You have to run the wire the way it was designed e.g. outside the mounting plate which works perfectly fine for my camera. It was raining pretty heavily last couple weeks but my camera functioned just fine.

Question:Can i use it via web on the pc or some app on pc ?
Answer:You can use via Web app for this camera or download and install the "IP Pro" app for iPhone or Android.

Question:I have a zosi poe system can i connect your wireless 3mp home wifi ip cameras,ultra hd dome video surveillance to my zosi poe
Answer:Sorry,our wireless IP POE camera can't connect with ZOSI poe system,just suitable with our poe system

Question:Is it 5G compatible with 5G internet
Answer:Sorry, the 3mp wireless dome camera product does not support 5G,and not compatible with 5G internet.

Question:Can camera run with poe?
Answer:yes,the camera can run with poe NVR

Warranty & Customer Service

Email: reply within 24 hours).

Phone :+1(904)717-0799 (Eastern time Monday to Friday:9:00am - 5:00pm).

Warranty for 1 year from Date of Purchase


Security Camera Outdoor, Pan Tilt Wireless 3MP Home WiFi IP Cameras, Ultra HD Dome Video Surveillance Waterproof POE Camera, Two-Way Audio

Customer Reviews

Based on 194 reviews
The zoom on this one is AMAZING! The Perfect Camera.

Over the years, I've built up a collection of cameras spanning almost a decade, starting with their 720P models. Despite enduring harsh weather conditions, they've remained reliable. Impressed by their longevity, I've continued to expand my setup across two homes.

A little hurdle, friendly service!

Despite its affordable price tag (under $100), the Besder camera delivers good image quality, including impressive day and night performance with PT movements. Even though one of its antennas is purely decorative, common among budget cameras, its wired and wireless capabilities are reliable. Overall, while there are more secure cameras available at higher price points, the Besder camera offers an excellent balance of affordability and security for those with basic technical knowledge. Plus, their responsive customer support adds to the overall positive experience.

Simply works like it should and is built solid!

I purchased three of these cameras initially and have installed one in the front of my home. The camera functions smoothly, panning left, right, up, and down without any issues. I've configured the lights to stay on for 30 seconds when the alarm triggers, which works perfectly. The camera's four bright lights provide ample illumination. Monitoring through my computer, tablet, and phone is seamless, and it integrates flawlessly with my Synology Diskstation Surveillance system. These cameras are exactly what I was looking foraffordable yet sturdy and well-built.

Great Price for Entry Level PTZ

This PTZ security camera offers the convenience of remote Pan, Tilt, and Zoom functionalities, although it lacks actual zoom capability. Overall, I find it highly satisfactory. The only drawback is that it occasionally restarts on its own, disrupting the video feed for about 8-12 seconds. During these incidents, a voice from the camera announces "Powering On." Despite troubleshooting efforts, I haven't identified any issues with the power source. I'm using the provided AC adapter, not PPOE.

Exactly what we needed!

These cameras were easily set up. The pan, zoom and tilt features are so easy to use. The light and night vision make them valuable for keeping an eye on our goats 24/7 both inside and outside their house. Helpful for keeping predators at bay. We can now view our kids 24/7 from anywhere on our cellphones. It's a great peace of mind!As can be seen from the pictures the camera works well both day and night. Scooter, Rufus and Moxie (l to r) can be seen by daylight at left and by night vision at right. The outside camera works equally as well.

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