WEILAILIFE's Expert Guide to Selecting and Installing Surveillance Systems

As our society continues to evolve, the prevalence of surveillance camera installations has become increasingly prominent. These days, surveillance cameras are everywhere, each serving its distinct purpose. With the diversity of video surveillance products available, how can we make informed choices? What sets them apart, and what key factors should we consider when installing these systems? In the following sections, we will delve deep into the essential insights that guide the selection and utilization of surveillance products for optimal results.


**Mastering the Art of Surveillance Camera Selection:**

  1. **Room Size Matters:** When you need to monitor a room spanning 20 square meters, opt for a camera equipped with a 2.8mm wide-angle lens to capture comprehensive views.
  2. **Optimal Distance Calls for Precision:** If your monitoring distance is within 30 meters, a Sharp 1/4 CCD camera is a suitable choice. For distances exceeding 30 meters, particularly during nighttime operations, a Sony 1/3 CCD camera with superior night vision capabilities is the ideal option. Ensure that the range of the infrared illuminators aligns with your intended coverage. For distances beyond 80 meters, prioritize a 480-line Sony 1/3 CCD camera to capture crisp details.
  3. **Extend the Range with Additional Lighting:** In scenarios where monitoring distances surpass 60 meters, it's prudent to introduce supplementary lighting to enhance the infrared camera's night vision capabilities. Bear in mind that actual night vision coverage often constitutes half of the nominal range.
  4. **Tailoring for Outdoor Spaces:** For surveillance of convenience store exteriors, a 30-meter infrared camera with a 2.8mm or 3.6mm lens provides optimal results. The wide-angle lens allows for comprehensive coverage of the premises.
  5. **Perfecting Hallway Surveillance:** Customize your approach to hallway surveillance based on the distance. Opt for a 3.6mm lens for monitoring 10-meter hallways, a 6mm lens for 15-meter corridors, and an 8mm lens for 25-meter passageways, all complemented by 30-meter infrared cameras.
  6. **Entryway Security Solutions:** When enhancing the security of community entrances, match a 50-meter infrared camera with a versatile 6mm or 8mm lens. For bullet cameras, utilize a 6-15mm varifocal lens. In cases where license plate capture is a requirement, select wide dynamic range cameras such as the JD-2900GSC lens by Crystal Shield. Optimal installation height for these cameras should not exceed 1.2 meters.
  7. **Educational Empowerment:** To facilitate teaching applications, consider pairing a 480-line bullet camera with a 6-60mm lens. Install this system at the rear of the classroom to ensure comprehensive coverage.


**Seamless Surveillance Camera Installation:**

  1. **Harnessing Indoor Lighting:** In environments with even lighting, the Sharp CCD cameras excel indoors. However, for outdoor scenarios, Sony CCD cameras offer superior performance.
  2. **Elevating Resolution:** When high-resolution output is a necessity, consider investing in 480-line cameras like the JD-2687S infrared waterproof camera by Crystal Shield. This camera offers superior image quality for demanding applications.
  3. **Long-Range Nocturnal Monitoring:** For extended-range nighttime surveillance, prioritize cameras with varifocal infrared waterproof capabilities or infrared PTZ cameras with a pan-tilt-zoom feature. Consider opting for high-grade or imported cores for enhanced performance. Supplementary lighting is recommended for optimal results in long-range scenarios.
  4. **Balancing Distance and Illumination:** When monitoring extended distances in well-lit conditions, standard PTZ or high-speed dome cameras with regular cores are suitable options.
  5. **Positioning for Success:** During the camera installation process, always ensure that backlighting issues are avoided to maximize the camera's effectiveness.


As a pioneering brand in the surveillance industry, WEILAILIFE is committed to delivering not only high-quality products but also comprehensive knowledge and expertise for effective installations. By combining the right camera selection with strategic positioning, you can achieve superior surveillance results. Our dedication to excellence guarantees that you possess the necessary tools and insights to secure your surroundings and maintain a peace of mind that is truly priceless.

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