Key Parameters of WEILAILIFE Surveillance Cameras

  1. Video Signal Standards for Enhanced Security When it comes to video signal standards, WEILAILIFE Surveillance prioritizes the PAL, NTSC, and SECAM systems. These standards ensure compatibility and optimal performance for our security camera systems, providing clear and reliable video footage.
  2. Scanning Methods for Enhanced Surveillance WEILAILIFE Surveillance offers advanced scanning methods to enhance surveillance capabilities. Our camera systems support both interlaced scanning (I) and progressive scanning (P). Progressive scanning ensures smooth, flicker-free images, resulting in superior display quality for surveillance purposes.

III. Minimum Illumination for Enhanced Visibility At WEILAILIFE Surveillance, we understand the importance of capturing clear images even in low-light conditions. Our security cameras are designed with varying levels of minimum illumination, measured in lux. We offer a range of options, including:

Normal Type: Designed to operate effectively in lighting conditions between 1 to 3 lux, providing reliable surveillance in most indoor environments.

Starlight Type: Ideal for extremely low-light situations, with capabilities of capturing clear images at illumination levels below 0.01 lux.

Infrared Type: Equipped with infrared illumination, enabling surveillance even in complete darkness (0 lux).

Super Starlight Type: Designed to operate in extremely challenging lighting conditions, with capabilities of capturing clear images at illumination levels below 0.0001 lux.

  1. Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Superior Image Quality At WEILAILIFE Surveillance, we prioritize image quality by focusing on the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N). The higher the S/N ratio, the better the camera's ability to capture clean and detailed images, reducing the impact of interference and noise. Our camera systems are designed to provide optimal image quality, ensuring the highest level of surveillance performance.
  2. Auto Gain Control for Enhanced Adaptability To ensure our cameras deliver consistent video signals under various lighting conditions, WEILAILIFE Surveillance incorporates Auto Gain Control (AGC) functionality. The AGC feature allows our cameras to adjust their amplification levels within a wide range, ensuring sensitivity and brightness optimization. This ensures that our cameras can provide clear and vivid images even in low-light environments.

Incorporating these key parameters, WEILAILIFE Surveillance offers a comprehensive range of security camera systems, including 2-camera systems, outdoor camera systems, DVR and NVR systems, IP camera systems, and 4-megapixel security camera systems. With our cutting-edge technology, installation services, and real link camera systems, we strive to meet the diverse surveillance needs of our customers.

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