Why Nighttime Performance Degrades in Surveillance Cameras Over Time

WEILAILIFE, a renowned brand in the monitoring device industry, offers a wide range of surveillance solutions, including POE security camera systems, camera kits, and IP camera setups. With our commitment to providing top-notch security solutions for businesses and residential use, we understand the importance of reliable and long-lasting surveillance equipment. In this article, we will explore the reason behind the degradation of nighttime performance in surveillance cameras over time.

Understanding Surveillance Camera Construction:
Modern surveillance cameras, including POE camera systems, rely on infrared (IR) LED lights for night vision. These IR lights emit invisible infrared rays to illuminate the area in low-light conditions, enabling the cameras to capture clear images and videos during the night. However, as with any electronic device, surveillance cameras' components undergo wear and tear over extended usage, which affects their performance.

The Impact of Aging on Nighttime Performance:
Over time, the infrared LEDs within the surveillance cameras will experience degradation due to constant usage. The quality of infrared illumination gradually diminishes, resulting in poorer nighttime imaging capabilities. While the daytime performance may still be acceptable, the nighttime footage may become unclear or blurry, making it difficult to identify crucial details.

Estimated Lifespan of Infrared LEDs:
Typically, the infrared LEDs in surveillance cameras have an estimated lifespan of 20,000 hours or more. Assuming continuous usage of 8 hours per day, this translates to approximately 833 days or around 2.3 years. However, it's important to note that the infrared lights are only activated in low-light conditions, making their actual lifespan longer.

Upgrading Surveillance Systems:
As technology advances rapidly, the surveillance industry witnesses constant improvements in camera capabilities, image resolutions, and enhanced night vision. Generally, surveillance systems are subject to upgrades every 3 years for minor improvements and every 5 years for significant advancements. This means that, in many cases, surveillance systems may be upgraded or replaced before reaching their full expected lifespan.

In conclusion, while surveillance cameras, including POE security camera systems, offer excellent daytime performance, the nighttime imaging capabilities can decline over time due to the aging of infrared LEDs. Regular upgrades or replacements of surveillance systems become necessary to ensure the highest level of security and monitoring efficiency. As an industry-leading brand, WEILAILIFE remains committed to providing cutting-edge surveillance solutions that cater to evolving security needs and deliver exceptional performance, both day and night.

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